Captain America


Nome completo: Peter Seimour Fonda  
Data e luogo di nascita: 23 febbraio 1939, New York, USA  
Chi è:


Titolo del film Ruolo
1963 Tammy and the Doctor Dr. Mark Cheswick  
1963 The Victors Weaver  
1964 Lilith Stephen Evshevsky  
1964 Carol for Another Christmas Marley TV
1964 The Young Lovers Eddie Slocum  
1966 The Wild Angels Heavenly Blues  
1967 The Trip Paul Groves  
1968 Trois histoires extraordinaires d'Edgar Poe    
1968 Tales of Mystery and Imagination   UK
1968 Tales of Mystery    
1969 Spirits of the Dead   USA
1968 Histoires extraordinaires   Francia
1968 Tre passi nel delirio Baron Wilhelm  
1968 Certain Honorable Men Robbie Conroy TV
1969 Easy rider Wyatt, detto Capitan America in videocassetta
1971 The Hired Hand Harry Collings  
1971 Chinchero    
1971 The Last Movie Giovane sceriffo  
1973 Two People Evan Bonner  
1974 The Recon Game    
1974 Open Season   USA
1974 Los Cazadores Ken  
1974 Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Larry Rayder  
1975 92 in the Shade Skelton  
1975 Race with the Devil Roger March  
1975 The Diamond Mercenaries   UK
1975 Killer Force Bradley  
1976 Futureworld Chuck Browning  
1976 Fighting Mad Tom Hunter  
1977 Circus of the Stars   TV
1977 Circus of the Stars #2   TV
1977 Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel sè stesso  
1977 Outlaw Blues Bobby Ogden  
1978 High-Ballin' Rane  
1979 Wanda Nevada Beaudray Demerille  
1979 The Carradines Together sè stesso  
1980 The Hostage Tower Mike Graham TV
1981 The Cannonball Run Chief Biker  
1982 Captured   Canada: English title
1982 Split Image Kirklander  
1983 All Right, My Friend    
1983 Daijôbu, mai furendo Gonzy Traumerai  
1983 Death Bite    
1983 Spasms Dr. Tom Brasilian  
1983 Peppermint-Frieden Mr. Freedom  
1983 Jungle Heat    
1983 Dance of the Dwarves   USA: cable TV title
1983 Dance of the Dwarfs Harry Bediker  
1985 A Reason to Live Gus Stewart TV
1985 Certain Fury Rodney  
1987 Signatures of the Soul Voce narrante  
1987 Freedom Fighters    
1987 Mercenary Fighters Virelli  
1987 Hollywood Uncensored Ospite  
1987 Hawken's Breed    
1988 Sound   TV
1988 Sonore   TV
1988 "Gli Indifferenti" Leo mini serie TV
1989 Der Rosengarten    
1989 The Rose Garden Herbert Schluter  
1990 Flashing on the Sixties: A Tribal Document sè stesso  
1990 Fatal Mission Ken Andrews  
1991 Family Express Nick  
1992 South Beach Jake  
1993 Bodies, Rest & Motion Motorcycle Rider  
1993 Warren Oates: Across the Border sè stesso  
1993 Burnhill    
1993 Molly & Gina Larry Stanton  
1993 Harley-Davidson: The American Motorcycle sè stesso  
1993 Deadfall Pete  
1993 Blue Water Hunting Narratore  
1994 Love and a .45 Vergil Cheatham  
1994 Nadja Dracula / Dr.Van Helsing  
1996 Don't Look Back Mouse TV
1996 John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.   USA
1996 Escape from L.A. Pipeline  
1996 Grace of My Heart Guru  
1996 Shadow of the Past    
1996 Painted Hero Ray il cuoco  
1997 Ulee's Gold Ulee  
1998 The Tempest Guideon Prosper TV
1998 Welcome to Hollywood sè stesso  
1998 Me and Will    
1998 The American Dream voce narrante serie TV
1999 The Passion of Ayn Rand Frank  
1999 The Limey Terry Valentine, produttore Record  
1999 Motorcycles: Born to Be Wild ospite/narratore TV
1999 Keeping Time    
1999 AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars sè stesso TV
2000 South of Heaven, West of Hell Shoshonee Bill  
2000 Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years (1955-1970) sè stesso TV
2000 Thomas and the Magic Railroad Nonno Burnet Stone  
2000 Route 66: Main Street America ospite TV
2000 Second Skin Merv Gutman  
2001 Wooly Boys Stoney  
2002 The Laramie Project Dottor Cantway  
1971 The Hired Hand   
1973 Deranged  
1973 Idaho Transfer  
1979 Wanda Nevada
1969 Easy rider  
1990 Fatal Mission  

Easy rider


Capitan America
Peter Fonda
Capitan America
Capitan America
Peter Fonda
Easy Rider




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